Personalised Blankets

Based at home, Personalised Blankets was founded in 2011 by us, Rav and Raj, after the birth of our baby son. We were looking for an item that was not only practical for everyday use but, also one that we could save as a keepsake. A personalised blanket was something that we could use for our baby and treasure after our son had grown out of his favourite blanket.

This blanket received compliments on a number of occasions for its unique and individual nature that made it one of a kind and it was from hearing these comments that the idea to develop a small business creating personalised blankets was born.

On our days off from work, we would sell our personalised blankets at Warrington Hospital and donate money to support the neo-natal unit, this combined with recommendations, leaflet dropping and advertising at car boots, meant that as our experience grew so did our range of designs to include fun characters from 'Sedrick' the horse to 'Gifty' the baby carrying stork.