The Soccer Gift Shop

This site was opened during July, 2009 and we must say we have been staggered by the response. After 15 years online we have used the huge amount of feedback that we have received to hopefully produce a site which is really customer friendly - simple layout and simple to use, backed up by excellent customer service. All things that we ourselves look for when buying online. After tracking down the largest football merchandise wholesaler in the UK we realised just how much space (and money!) it would take to stock the whole range which currently averages well over 4000 products. So after some negotiations it was agreed that we would offer the whole range from this site and our suppliers would despatch the goods directly from their warehouse. We have now installed a product feed which links directly to the wholesaler's stock control system and our site is updated with new products (whilst also deleting out-of-stock items) regularly throughout the day and night.