The Red Giraffe @ The Castle

A vibrant array - the colours and stories of Wales and her celtic cousins plus Africa (as well as flavours from elsewhere) have inspired home and lifestyle gifts with genuine provenance. Gifts that will bring smiles to those who receive them; if you decide to give them away in the end! Your choice will also bring smiles to all those who have created a bit of magic with their creativity and skill. Fiona was honoured to be introduced to HRH The Prince of Wales on the day her shop opened.

The Prince was attending an event organised by his only Welsh charity PRIME Cymru (The Princes Initiative for Mature Enterprise). An event to celebrate their mentoring work, for those over the age of 50, who wish to return to the work place. Fiona was mentored by PRIME Cymru and volunteer mentor David MacDonald - with the result being The Red Giraffe!