The Busy Stork

I am a mum with two grown-up daughters, three beautiful grandchildren and here I am doing something I absolutely love every day, which is searching out and then presenting beautiful gifts for babies and toddlers - all to make you, our customers and your special little people happy!

So what brought me here? Well, it is as if the 'seed' for the idea has always been there, just waiting for the right time, the right situation to develop. This process was surely helped along by my innate love of babies and children as I am no less fascinated by these most precious of little people in my middle age than I was when I first held my very own beautiful babies. Now I am a grandmother it seems perfectly natural (and so exciting!) to be involved in searching for and then sharing my gift ideas. I am blessed that my two daughters are happy to be involved too. Jessica, who is now a mother herself, is standing with me, shoulder-to-shoulder in running 'The Busy Stork'.