Satzuma Ltd has been operating since 2007 and has experienced continuous growth year on year. Originally formed as Jeantech in 1999, Satzuma originated when a T1 retailer from the UK asked Jeantech to manufacture some fun, quirky gadgets for them for a Q4 promotion. The subsequent promotion was such a success we decided to explore this niche in the market to the company we are today. Satzuma in just a few short years has become a market innovator for retail ready, low cost, mass market, high margin IT peripherals that sell in high volumes when retailing at an impulse price point to the consumer. Satzuma products are great channel openers and are perfect for additional revenue in a time when all retailers and distributors are seeking new ways of increasing turnover and profit. The greatest aspect of Satzuma is that the consumer does not migrate product to purchase Satzuma, instead the consumer will only add Satzuma to their basket.