Piggery Pottery

Deep in the heart of the Snowdonian Mountains lies a small, picturesque village called Llanberis. In that small, picturesque village called Llanberis is a place where children come to paint squirls and squiggles, circles and wiggles and adults come to indulge their unique creative side. That place is us, Piggery Pottery! Piggery Pottery is a small, family run business created by Ian and I. Initially born from a love of hand crafting pottery items and a desire to provide ways in which children can explore their imaginations and use their creativeness, Piggery Pottery soon became much larger than we'd ever imagined ourselves! So, when we say we run a small, family business, we actually mean it's small in size, always growing, but even larger in our hearts. Here at Piggery Pottery we pride ourselves on hand crafting an enormous range of beautiful pottery pieces all of which our guests can paint how they wish using their vivid imaginations to create a design they can treasure forever.