Magnificent Mabel

So if you like to be a little bit different, if you like things that reflect your personality and good taste, with a bucket full of character. How can we be sure about this? We do not in any way, shape, or form, have a normal approach to buying stock. We particularly love that shabby chic, French country cottage look. The more retro and vintage the better in our opinion! New plastic shiny stuff just doesn't do it for us we're afraid (unless of course it's REALLY cool!) We rummage, we scour, we trawl, we beg, we steal (OK, maybe not steal).

Ultimately we source the most wondrous things, bring them home, and then set to work transforming them into things for you to love. Some things just need a lick of paint, a good polish, a good scrub. Other things require a total overhaul in order for their inner loveliness to be released. Whatever you buy from us, you can be assured that a whole lot of love, sweat and tears have been bestowed upon it before it wings its merry little way to you!