Kitridding Farm Shop, Cumbria is a family run farm of 350 acres in the beautiful countryside of south east Cumbria, close to the borders of Lancashire & Yorkshire.

We've farmed here for the last 60 years. As with many other upland Cumbrian farms we chose to diversify by marketing our own beef and lamb at Cumbrian Farmers markets just over eleven years ago. We opened our farm shop on the farm in 2002 where we sell fresh cuts of our own beef, lamb and local pork. We also make sausages, burgers and black pudding. Two years ago we started to create a new Cumbrian lake - come and see for yourself!

Kitridding Farm Shop, Cumbria is run with animal health and welfare as a priority. We breed, rear and sell our own meat. Our animals are slowly matured and spend their entire life on our farm ensuring that our Cumbrian reared produce is of high quality and you know where our meat has come from!