Julie's Baby Gifts

I have 3 children, Daniel 24, Henry9 and Marissa7. I realised that I needed to earn a living and that the best way was to work from home, but doing what?

I have started my own Baby Gift business because I realised how expensive gifts for new babies were when friends bought presents for Marissa when she was born. Most nice gift baskets are aimed at the high end of the market. I got a lovely gift from a friend that was 2 gift bags filled with lots of things. It was like a Pandora's box. It was great & I thought how good it would be to offer that to others at a price most people could afford. That is how Julie's Baby Gifts came to be.

I decided to expand my business & open a shop after just over a year the shop next to mine closed it was a card & gift shop. After a few months of customers saying they missed the shop I decided to expand my shop.