Fruits Of The Lune

Fruits of the Lune is a brand new shop and gallery, focussed on hand-picking all of the very best artisan and craft products from the Lune Valley area. Uniquely, Fruits of the Lune actively tries to support smaller, unknown and hobby creatives into finding an audience for their work. All are welcome (within reason) provided work is locally produced and/or inspired by the Lune Valley. The idea for Fruits of the Lune was conceived after meeting with local artisans who were producing incredible work, but were growing tired of the hassle of Etsy and eBay or struggling to take the gamble on craft fairs and one off events while juggling full time jobs.

At Fruits of the Lune we want to showcase all of this fabulous local talent whilst making the shopping experience as easy as possible for seller and buyer alike. Our philosophy of making shopping as easy as possible is reflected in store. We want to take the stress out of shopping however we can.