Eighteen Rabbit

It turned out that Eighteen Rabbit had been a great patron of the arts in Mayan society and had been responsible for something of a renaissance in all things cultural. The name stuck in our heads. Now, Copan is just on the border between Guatemala and Honduras. After we'd visited Copan we spent two months living in Trujillo on the northern Caribbean coast of Honduras. But we also found something else in Honduras. Honduras had once been a bountiful place where the locals tended crops and farmed the land.

Now, we drove through vast plantations of pineapples and bananas. What had once been mixed agricultural land was now monolithic fields of single crops, destined for long trains of container trucks taking them to the ports. If the local people didn't want to work for the banana company there were other options - they could work in the sweat shops making clothes for Wal-Mart and other big chains. When we got back from Mexico and Central America we did some serious thinking.