Boo Boo & Ted

Embodying BooBoo & Ted's desire to please, Mark is never happier than working with the customer to bring them a smile. Mark can usually be spotted dancing badly at Tynemouth Market, although he does get professional when you bring him an idea! A background in uniform and later in software and services, Mark brings discipline with character and knows the importance of engaging and delivering, marrying know-how and passion to realise your ideas.

Definitely an eye for design, Emily has worked in museum curation, the jewellery business, launched an awesome café, and done a whole load of things that have honed her creative edge. Emily can always be counted on to try and stop Mark dancing badly at Tynemouth Market, and will take an idea and help make it extra special. More than just the glamorous assistant that Mark takes her for, Emily brings verve and humour to the pieces we create.