Barefoot Ceramics

Pottery painting is fun for all the family, young and old alike. We at Barefoot Ceramics™ provide a fantastic opportunity for you to create your own unique design on a piece of ceramic pottery (there's a huge range, well over 100 pieces of pottery to choose from). Standard studio [session] fees are £4 for each painter. A family of four is £12.

Barefoot Ceramics has a great range of pottery shapes for you to paint-your-own design on to. Our ceramics include plates, platters, candle holders, figurines, animals, piggy banks, collectables.

The ceramics we use are called bisque - which means 'baked twice' (it's from the Latin!) - just like a biscuit. The ceramics have been fired once in a kiln ready for you to paint on a design. When you're done we add a clear, protective, glossy glaze by firing the bisque for a second time.